Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The TRUE Womens store in San Francisco just picked up some NO RIVAL female tees. If you happen to be out on Haight Street getting your shop on, make sure to hit up the store and pick up one of our shirts if you haven't already done so. There is a huge amount of fresh gear for the Fall at the TRUE Womens store right now.

Started in San Francisco in July 1996, TRUE ventured to fill a void: No stores on Haight Street were selling hip hop gear. In those days, hip hop clothing was Wu Wear, Phat Farm, and a bunch of labels that you probably never heard of and aren’t around anymore. Twelve years later True is still on Haight Street selling hip hop gear. As the times have changed, so has “hip hop” gear. The lines between hip hop, street, skate, punk are blurring. Currently, the cool guy movement is an example of that blurring. TRUE has always been a big believer in not stereotyping people and that carries over into how they merchandise their stores. TRUE Women's objective is to provide fashionable, strong, independent, and female owned and inspired brands.


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dianne said...

i love that store...can't wait to see them in there!