Friday, July 18, 2008

No Rival on

No Rival has been featured on!!! You can check out the blog entry by clicking the following link ...

Much respect to Ron at Fatlace for recognizing our brand. Fatlace is a great shop that carries some very unique brands, so be sure to visit Fatlace next time you are out in SF.

Fatlace was started in the Winter of 1998 in San Francisco and went live in 1999. Throughout the years, they have collaborated with some of the best in the industry to bring their interpretation of the culture to the people.

It’s 2008 now, 10 years since they first introduced their vision. This year they turned into a living and breathing magazine where you get to see exclusive interviews and information relating to our culture which deals in art, fashion, cars, and anything that has 2 wheels. Fatlace Magazine is published daily and features are published on Sundays. Be sure to stay up on it!

As always, please make sure to visit to pick up t-shirts from our Summer line. It's July and it is not getting any cooler...but I am...ICE COLD!!!