Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Video footage from the Best Dance Crew Tour in Canada has hit YouTube. Check out the following video of Supreme Soul's performance. The guys are rockin' our brand new shirts..."I AM A BEAST...FEED ME DANCERS, FEED ME BEATS".

Supreme Soul NEVER disappoints. Their routines are always entertaining and so precise. There is more video footage on YouTube of the crew freestyling, so be sure to check that out as well. Oh yeah, and don't forget to sign up for the No Rival newsletter at norival.com to stay informed on the drop date for these shirts and to see previews of our next season. Much more to come...


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Supreme Soul x No Rival

Ahhhhhh yeah!!!! I know it's been a minute since we hit you with an update, but good things come to those who wait...at least that's what I've been told. Well, this time it's true. I am pleased to announce that No Rival has been working hard behind the scenes on a collaborative project with the one and only SUPREME SOUL from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew - Season 2. If you have not seen the show or know who I am talking about, you need to do your homework and check them out. They are one of the greatest dance crews on this planet and they proved it in front of millions of viewers on ABDC this year. The good people at No Rival, like many others all over the globe, have been inspired by Supreme Soul's style and attitude. We believe there is no rival to the art they are creating...this art known as urban dance. Each member of the crew has their own specialty under the "umbrella" of urban dance, whether it's breakdancing, house, popping, locking, hip-hop, etc. When these guys fully utilize their individual talents and come together to put on a performance, they are a BEAST!!! Their shows are out of control!!! Trust.

So, enough already...What's up with the designs, fool!? Well, when No Rival and Supreme
Soul got together we wanted to kick off the project with a series of shirt designs that defined the essence and the attitude of this fierce dance crew. I think Supreme Soul said it best themselves when they said, "Individually, the members of our crew see themselves as "beasts" of their own style, but collectively, we create a "monster.' With that, Supreme Soul member, Pharside, came up with the tagline for our first wave of shirts...

Exclusive ZEBRA/PURPLE colorway coming to our web site and No Rival distributors...

These shirts are being worn by the members of Supreme Soul during their performances on the latest leg of their tour up in Canada. Be on the lookout for video of these performances on YouTube shortly. The shirts will be available for sale in late January via the NR web site, NR distributors, and at Supreme Soul performances.

It has been fantastic working with a crew that really embodies the spirit and idea behind our brand. The combination of No Rival design with Supreme Soul inspiration is surely going to yield some crazy 'ish. There are many designs in the works right now that we plan to launch in the Spring, so make sure you keep your head in the game. This is JUST the beginning. We will be sending out teasers of new designs just after the Holidays. Until that time...