Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Rival @ Verse Boutique

The one and only Verse Boutique in Downtown Oakland has picked up the first season of No Rival t-shirts!!! Men's and women's designs are available.

Verse Boutique is a shop that, like No Rival, is rooted in urban sub-cultures and the arts. This unique space caters to a discerning clientele that is always looking for something fresh and that represents a unique style.

Inside of the store you will find exclusive sneakers from heavy hitting brands such as Nike, Adidas, Creative Recreation, and even some local shoe companies. If you come by at the right time, you may even be able to lay your eyes on some of the illest customs done up by local artists. Verse also carries a solid mix of apparel brands emm...NO RIVAL.

As you raise your head up and take a look around the walls above the merchandise in the store, you will find some of the most bold and creative artwork. This is not child's play, though. This is art that you might find in some of the most renowned urban or modern art museums. The guys at Verse have artists coming in and out, placing new work in the store on an almost weekly basis, so the art is always fresh. Verse strives to do the same with some of their apparel. It is always exciting at Verse because you never know what you might find from week to week.
When I came through to visit the Verse family last week, they had a dude who created some luxury AK's in gold, burberry pattern, versace, and fendi. If you haven't been able to find that gold plated AK 47 in your most recent issues of Guns and Ammunition, now is your chance to cop one! The highlights that made the store were still the staple urban elements; the old school boom box, the framed superstars, and the graffiti work. It was all fantastic. The guys at Verse have put together an eclectic, but beautiful shop in the downtown O that is a must visit. There is NO RIVAL to the Verse Boutique.

If you are out on the East side of the Bay, hit up Verse to check out their goods and look out for the NO RIVAL fits...on sale NOW!!!

461 9th Street
Oakland, CA 94607
(510) 663-4400
That No Rival Cali-Knocks tee looks nice with those Blazers. I'll take it...

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